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We are on a quest to transform lives through sustainable energy solutions.

About Us

LightBox was founded in 2018 by a team of seasoned renewable energy entrepreneurs with an aim to provide rural populations not connected to the grid to affordable and sustainable access to energy. 

The grid won’t connect Africa, but solar can. 

Kleos Advisory.

Despite global effort to achieve universal energy access by 2030, there are still around 840 million people who live without access to electricity; the majority of these people, 650 million live in Africa.

Off-grid solutions can reach more remote households’ years or even decades earlier than grid extension programs, thus accelerating economic and social development in remote areas.

LightBox Africa’s mission is therefore to provide high quality, modern, affordable and sustainable off-grid solar energy solutions for homes and businesses at the scale needed to address energy poverty and fight climate change.

LightBox Africa provides high quality Pico-Solar-Home Systems with a price-winning product quality, certified “Lighting Global” – World Bank’s Platform for sustainable energy.

LightBox aims in cooperation with its technological partners to keep on providing the best available and reliable technologies that fit best the needs of its target customers.
Our products consist of solar panels, batteries and a broad range of appliances including lights, radios, televisions and more.

Thanks to Lightbox I was able to create my own small enterprise where I am a reseller of Lightbox products with a growing customer base enabling me to earn constant revenue with a motivation to keep on growing.


The grid won’t connect Africa, but solar can.

Kleos Advisory.

Three products to meet the needs of Off-Grid households.

*Our products are micro-financed on a PayGo service over a three years period with a transfer of ownership to the customers at the end of the payment cycle

My children now have bright light to do their homework. We do not use kerosene lamps anymore that used to make the kids cough at night. We feel much more connected to the world with the TV and radio.

– Belgy


Guinea presents substantial opportunities to LightBox Africa due to its extremely low rural electrification rate.

Market target at maturity of 7.6 million population

Guinea population concentration.

 Source: Data World Bank.

our impact goes beyond light bulbs and televison

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The LightBox platform relies thankfully on many reliable partners and more to come to achieve its mission.

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